Body Socks 

Body socks can be quite calming for children with Autism, PDD, Aspergers, or ADD/ADHD.  Any child with sensory processing disorders can benefit from a body sock when used correctly.  A child should never be forced into a body sock.  These body socks are made of stretchy, resilient LycraŽ fabric; the sacks allow kids to see light and movement to avoid collisions. The hemmed opening closes with a touch fastener trim. 


Size Small: 27" x 40" - Blue
(best for children up to 40" or up to 5 years).

$34.99 (includes USA shipping)




Size Medium:  27" x 47" - Green
(best for children up to 47" or 5-9 years).

$39.99 (includes USA shipping)


Size Large:  28" x 56" - Red
(best for children up to 56").

$44.99 (includes USA shipping)




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